What kind of work am I looking for?

I’m keen to work on anything related to interactive works, I like diversity and different approaches in the projects I take on. If you think you have a position or project available that may suit me, please do get in touch.

Some examples of work I have previous experience with can be contacted about are:
- Design and/or concept work for interactive theatre and live games.
- Design and/or concept work for other interactive works (including but certainly not limited to videogames).
- Writing for interactive productions.*
- Script design for interactive productions.*
- Briefing and back-end writing for interactive productions that work with live actors and/or gamemasters.*
- Consultancy regarding concept, design and production of live games and interactive theatre.
- Consultancy regarding writing for interactive works in general.
- Performing research and writing research documents for interactive works.*
- The writing of articles regarding games and interactivity in a broader context (artistic productions, interactive theatre, games used in education or work environments etc.).*
- Text editing for interactive works and associated publications.*
- Public speaking on many of these and other subjects regarding games and interactivity.

* Though most of this website is written in English, as a native Dutch speaker, I’m capable of writing in both Dutch and English (or translating between the two).

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