As a writer I get involved in a wide array of interactive projects. Besides writing for projects I often find myself writing about various topics for other purposes. And sometimes I even just write because I feel like it, or have a story that needs to be told.

Below you will find a selection of links to articles and texts that I wrote for other platforms than my own blog. Most articles will be about (game) design, games in general, or other topics of interest to me as a designer. Occasionally I may link to prose or texts I wrote as copywriter for a project if I consider the material readable outside of its original environment.

Articles for Hubbub


Articles I wrote for the Hubbub blog, mostly about game design and things happening on the scene, or projects I worked in for them. A selection:

Articles for Bashers.nl

(Dutch) Mostly about the art-game scene and regarding various topical issues of the time, a selection:

Prose, fiction and content

I write fiction and in game text (copy) for several projects. Occasionally I may post some here if I consider it readable outside of its original context. Texts may be in Dutch or English.