Global Game Jam Games

The Global Game Jam is a yearly worldwide event where students and professionals from the game design scene and other interested designers team up to make a game from concept to first prototype in a mere weekend. I’ve participated a couple of times and designed the following games, which you can download on the Global Game Jam website.


Smonkeys is a game that aims to use the keyboard in a very physical way, mimicking the experience of touch-screen like directness of input without a touch screen. It requires a mix of strategy and dexterity and is a fast paced game that players can greatly improve themselves in through practise.

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Boom Boom Bunnies

Starting of as an attempt to make a social experience for central spaces like lobbies and entrance halls, the game concept allowed for players to adopt a digital rabbit and have minor interactions with their pet and those of others, or simply watch them do their thing. The programming however ran into some hiccups and the final game we were able to deliver was a little different than the original concept.


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