▲ (Alt-30)

▲, pronounced Alt-30, is a work that challenges its players to find and test the thresholds of the piece, as well as their own. Through playfulness and curiosity it will invite you to stretch the limits you may find, and learn what ‘threshold’ really means for you.

A commissioned piece for Freemote Festival, ▲ was designed with the task to create an interactive projection around the theme ‘threshold’. The result is an interactive playground projected on a large floor by 4 beamers. Working with 4 Kinects participants are tracked upon entering the area and given a small projected circle around them. In the middle is a single triangle, when a player draws close he or she creates two lines to create an additional triangle with the existing one. Every player can do so, creating a mosaic of triangles. Each individual triangle can be shaped to change graphics and audio by simply moving over the floor. Triangles that cross or become too big explode, creating a ripple effect for nearby triangles. The result is a constantly evolving audiovisual mosaic, a playground with no goals but those the group of players set themselves.

I was involved in the creation of ▲ as a concept designer, game designer and writer.

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This is an impression of the sounds used in the game: